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We specialise in working as a business consultant with Entrepreneurs, pre start-ups, recent start-ups and established small to medium sized businesses which have a specific goal. This may be to accelerate business growth and profitability, expand the business, explore and move into new market sectors or aim to survive and consolidate in this ever challenging climate.

We offer a variety of solutions to help you assess where you are and how to get where you want to be through workforce development. We bring critical skills to your business to give your employees the edge they need to help your business succeed. We know that companies who invest in their people stand above their competition in employee commitment, retention, and teams that make a positive impact on their bottom line. Below are categories of programs we customize to fit your challenges. We can create an event for your teams, or work with you to help transition a business to a High Performance Organization. If you do not see what you are looking for, don’t worry. We would be happy to work with you to develop a program that fits your needs.

We support clients to develop new strategies, win new funding, access new markets and achieve optimum business efficiency depending upon the nature and type of the project.
Our Experienced staff’s recommendations could see organisational change – for example changes to team structures, reporting lines and core tasks and may involve either recruitment or downsizing in certain areas of the business. If this is the case, we have expert people available who will guide you through the best course of action to achieve positive change.  Call us today!

We offer solutions to meet the customer need. Some of the services that we are able to provide are

  • Liaise with the customer to determine the needs of their business in terms of business strategy and HR management.

  • Evaluate business strategy and policy to check for inefficiency and lack of compliance to legislation.

  • Report findings to management and devise solutions, incorporating cost and benefits to customer organisation.

  • Introducing new policies and procedures to the business making sure all policies are compliant with current legislation.

  • Arrange training of staff to assure new policies have been understood and will be incorporated in work procedures hence.

  • Defining a suitable method of data collection and research.

  • Providing after sales and service support to customers

We make a real and massive difference by applying many years of experience and harnessing proven knowledge management systems, tools and methodologies.

  • Strategic Financial Management

  • Financial Reporting

  • Global Business Strategy

  • Global Economics

  • Human Resource Management

  • Marketing in the Global Context

  • Operations Management

  • Accounting for decision-making

  • Leadership